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It’s been adapted by many companies and institutions as their corporate font including Apple. This typeface was originally designed by Claude Garamond in the 15th century during the turbulent times of French Renaissance. Claude was an apprentice to Antoine Augereau, a printer and publisher, under whose supervision he cut his own cicero typeface for the famous printer Robert Estienne, which received great admiration. Around 1620 it was reproduced by Jean Jannon, a Swiss printer, under the name Garamond. Didot came out as the alternative to Bodoni in the same period of the late 18th century so the mutual influence between them is apparent. This typeface is basically a slimmer version of Bodoni, but it really took the inspiration from John Baskerville’s experimentation with high contrast stroke and condensed armature.

What Fonts Are Popular

It offers both uppercase and lowercase characters that can be used in a wide range of projects. You can bring a cinematic feel to your designs with these movie fonts and television typefaces that take their inspiration from sci-fi, action thrillers, and edgy dramas. As designers increasingly prioritise accessibility on websites and apps, fonts need to meet high standards of legibility. The new wave of experimental fonts are much easier on the eye than their predecessors, hinting at an experimental edge with quirky ligatures and details. If you’re looking for fonts with a bit of texture, you’ll love this serif font. Bristain Rought font includes upper and lowercase characters, foreign language characters and accents, numbers, and punctuation.

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Read on to find out more about each 2024 font trend in more detail, so you can start using these trending fonts straight away. Popular fonts in 2023 were also inspired by cinema, in a search for type styles with star quality. As audiences returned to movie theaters in their droves post-pandemic, we noticed a distinctly cinematic mood emerging in 2023’s trending typography.

What Fonts Are Popular

Despite the subtler mood pervading typography in the year ahead, there are still plenty of type choices that will bring personality and character to your designs. Chubby retro fonts bring a much-needed dose of optimism, while rustic serif fonts, simple scripts, and quietly quirky display fonts will bring warmth and friendliness to your projects, as well as a serious style hit. Typography trends like K-Fonts are poised to bring plenty of typographic character into branding and social media projects. On the other hand, high-impact fonts inspired by cinema and streaming are set to bring the thrill factor to poster designs and website layouts. Looking to the months ahead, these 2024 trending fonts are set to make an impact on a wide range of digital and print projects, from app designs to brand identities and from packaging design to social media posts.

Garamond (Claude Garamond,

It shook off 19th-century serif and hand-lettering dominance to embrace machine-age aesthetics. Though no longer revolutionary, Verdana endures as an interface font par excellence. Over two decades of web use, its ubiquity guarantees Verdana’s place in the pantheon of popular modern fonts. His adjustments honed readability for smaller text sizes, easing newspapers’ transitions from broadsheet to tabloid layouts. This boosted Times New Roman’s popularity across book publishing and beyond. Its tremendous popularity can be credited to the fact that it still looks modern, simple, and it is as much versatile and trustworthy as it is Swiss.

  • Rockwell is one of the best-known examples of slab serif fonts with thick, edgy serifs and distinct bold geometric shapes.
  • It includes upper and lowercase characters, numbers and punctuation, multilingual characters, and accents.
  • News Gothic is another popular typeface designed by the popular Morris Fuller Benton in the early 19th century as an American san serif, created specifically for ATF.
  • Century Gothic proves that straightforwardness does not equal boringness.

Since its public debut in 1996 with Internet Explorer 3, Verdana swiftly emerged as a staple web and interface font, especially for lengthy blocks of text. Though initially intended for screens, its friendly shape and clarity also translate well to print projects. Most world-famous fonts enjoy long, storied histories over centuries. By contrast, Verdana sprang onto the scene in the late 1900s as one of the original web fonts optimised for computer screens.

Vanberg Blackletter Font (TTF, OTF)

Quite the contrary, this modern handwritten font is wonderfully stylish and perfect for personal branding projects and more. The font is perfect for creating personal logos, wedding stationery, and fashion apparel branding. Have fun adding swashes and ligatures to your characters to create your own unique look. Righton contains two fonts—a script and a serif—that work perfectly together. The set contains upper and lower case, punctuation, symbols, numerals, stylistic set alternates, ligatures, and more.

According to its designer, Amira is inspired by a flower that grows only in the highlands in Indonesia. Use this beautiful font sparingly and for important projects that require a WOW font. Envato Elements offers the best selection of high-quality fonts to help you create outstanding projects. And one of the things that makes Elements hard to beat is that you can download as many as you want, as often as you want, for one flat monthly fee. We’ve traversed over five centuries of typographic innovation, exploring the most extensively used fonts across digital and print platforms. The mere mention of this irreverent typeface elicits visceral reactions across the design crowd.

Font Trend 1: Delicate Elegance

These top 10 lists feature typefaces from all type foundries regardless of what company owns the rights or where it can be purchased. Discover which fonts are the most popular in a wide variety of categories. The classification lists are based on popularity data from over 3,000 sites featured on Typewolf.

What Fonts Are Popular

This storied serif strikes an optimal balance between formality and friendliness on page and screen. The subtle intricacies of Garamond’s letterforms reward readers without overwhelming text. With roots extending how to pick fonts for website back to 1896, Helvetica spans over a century across the evolving typography landscape. Like Arial, its inclusion with Microsoft Office and operating systems in the 1990s cemented it as a perpetual favourite.

Fast forward to the digital age, and typographic possibilities are endless. The power of nostalgia marketing has only grown stronger during the pandemic, with consumers increasingly turning to vintage-styled products and designs to feel comforted. While overly retro fonts can feel a little too gimmicky right now, fonts that subtly reference 1970s type styles still feel fresh.

The other lists are more based on my personal suggestions rather than actual usage data. This is a great starting point if browsing through the Site of the Day section is a little overwhelming. Created by Morris Fuller Benton in 1903 in America, Franklin Gothic was redrawn in 1980 and the updated version came out in 1991 with a broad range of weights. This font of realist sans serif category boasts more characters than any other of its family and its boldness is loved by many designers. An Art Deco influenced font, Moalang Pro is an excellent font for signage, titles, posters, T-shirts, and more.

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Cast your mind back a couple of years to when experimental fonts became universally popular, bringing edgy character… The downside of experimental fonts is that they are often simply too experimental to work successfully as accessible font choices. Look for thinned-out ligatures and barely-there calligraphic touches to achieve a sophisticated, vintage-inspired look in your projects. Pair them with high-contrast backgrounds or faded photography to maximize the legibility of these dainty, hand-drawn fonts. Decorative fonts need to have tons of extra elements that other fonts don’t have, so that you can create a masterpiece. It offers 300 unique glyphs, swatches, contextual alternates, stylistic sets, ligatures, and more.

What Fonts Are Popular

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